Employee Assistant Program EAP

Occupational and Non-Occupational culturally sensitive Mental Health and wellness, and medical services,

Our psychiatric, psychological, and medical enhanced EAP healthcare programs are directly integrated into your organization’s existing absence management programs to improve your productivity and profitability. They are designed with the lens and consideration of Inclusion Diversity Equity Accessibility Anti-Racism (IDEAA).

Our enhanced EAP supports the prevention of avoidable absences, and responds effectively to absences when they do occur, ensuring a timely Return-to-Work.

Acting as your organizations direct culturally sensitive Healthcare Provider, our enhanced EAP provides access to timely Mental Health and Wellness, and medical advice for all employee absences. The support and services are customized to integrate with your entire Occupational Health and Absence Management Programs.

With our culturally sensitive Mental Health and Wellness, and medical management and support, you will be able to better control your organizational costs of mental health and medical time losses annually.

Our full-service mental health and medical support program includes:

  • Access to culturally sensitive trained Health Care Providers
  • 24/7 Mental Health and Wellness, and Medical support guidance and recommendations.
  • Pre-placement Mental Health and Medical evaluations to help prevent employee absence
  • Management of Mental Health and Medical issues including our Time Loss Reviews to facilitate safe Returns-to-Work
  • Consultation and administrative support to improve and implement organizational policies