Training & Education

In Touch is dedicated to developing, adapting, and enhancing existing mental health frameworks for educational delivery. We provide the training of these enhanced frameworks through our nationally accredited training courses. All courses are offered through the In Touch training and education program.

Our In Touch training and education programs will focus on delivering a complete continuum of culturally specific training courses and education as it evolves. All content taught is relevant to psychiatric, psychological, medical treatment, and care service delivery. They are intended to enhance the education and clinical skills of Mental Health and Wellness, and medical professionals.

In addition, In Touch continues to develop and establish culturally sensitivity training and educational courses for public organizations, community agencies and private corporations, with a focus on Corporate Executive and Management role, performance and skill development.

In Touch Training and Education provides opportunities for professionals to gain the necessary culturally specific sensitivity and safety awareness that will be utilized throughout their service delivery.

We currently offer the Culturally Adaptive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CA-CBT Training course