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In Canada, the impact of mental health challenges is felt by over 1.2 million workers every month. Disturbingly, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities bear a disproportionate burden, facing consistently worse mental health outcomes.

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Impact of Racial Discrimination on BIPOC

Racial Discrimination not only affects individuals' professional growth and financial stability, but it also has significant psychological impacts.

The stress of experiencing discrimination can lead to:



Lower Job Satisfaction

Physical Health Issues

How It Works

In an emergency – immediately call 911 or the suicide prevention lifeline (800-273-8255).

Culturally Sensitive Telehealth: Accessible Mental Health Care at Your Fingertips

Expedited access to culturally sensitive, fully licensed, mental health care providers in the comfort of your own home or wherever you decide. Telehealth therapist available 24/7.

Breaking the Stigma with Telehealth Therapy: Healing in a Private Space

Telehealth therapy helps to break down the stigma often associated with seeking help by providing therapy in a discreet and private setting to start the healing process.

Streamlined Insurance Support: Maximizing Benefits, Minimizing Costs

This process includes working directly with your insurers so that you receive maximum benefits and minimal out of pocket costs.

The Impact Racial Discrimination In the Workforce - How Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC) are Impacted:


Black individuals often face systemic barriers in the workforce, perpetuated by stereotypes, bias, and racial prejudice. They may be less likely to be hired, may receive lower wages for the same work, and may have fewer opportunities for advancement compared to their white counterparts. This can lead to lower income levels, increased financial stress, and limited career growth.


Indigenous people face similar discriminatory practices in the workforce. Discrimination against Indigenous people can be due to racial bias, but also the consequence of historical systemic injustices, socio-economic inequalities, and cultural misunderstandings. This can translate into lower employment rates, limited access to quality jobs, and a lack of representation in positions of power and influence.

People of Color

People of Color, a term often used in the United States and Canada to encompass non-white racial and ethnic groups, face a range of discriminatory practices. This can include being passed over for promotions, receiving lower wages, and experiencing a lack of mentorship opportunities. The specific impact can vary widely depending on the specific racial or ethnic group and geographic location.

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